Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Voices of Memory Virtual Tour. With this tour, we invite you to experience the interactive art exhibit/living memorial that toured Tunisia from September- December 2018. The exhibition is an immersive experience based on the testimonies of women who suffered repression under the dictatorship in Tunisia.

To explore the exhibition, use the arrow keys on your keyboard and mouse to move around the space (Note: to explore the tour, you must use a computer with an updated browser). As you approach an art work, you will be prompted to press the space bar to pull up a text box with information about the art work and the artist. Click on the “Play” arrow to hear the audio tour for that piece.  The audio was recorded by Nadia, one of the tour guides from the Tunis exhibition.

At the end of the tour, please leave your feedback in the reflection area and add your voice to this growing archive or reflections.

Meet your tour guide: Nadia Jmal

Nadia Jmal is a Tunisian peace activist, vice president of iBuild Africa and UNESCO-APCEIU Alumna. She is also a Cultural Mediator at the Voice of Memory exhibition in partnership with International Center for Transitional Justice, University of Birmingham and Museum Lab. Aside from being highly involved in her community, she is also an MA Candidate for Cross-Cultural Studies at the University of Carthage. Nadia is dedicated to unveiling the true potential of the African continent and empowering its youth to develop their communities. She is doing so by leading projects related to the fields of entrepreneurship, peace advocacy, and women empowerment in Tunisia.

Check Louay Cherni ( Must Last ) Video

We collaborated with digital creator Louay Cherni where he shared his thoughts about the Voices of Memory Virtual Tour.



How can I navigate inside the tour?

In order to play the game, you will need a mouse and a keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move forward/backward/side to side and the mouse to pan/turn. When you get close to a Point of Interest, press the space key to open the associated information.

What browser offers the best experience?

Edge is preferred, followed by Firefox and Chrome.

I cannot rotate 360° with my mouse, what should I do?

Your camera may be locked, try to click with your mouse in the game environment to unlock it.