In the current Tunisian political context, there is a need to open space to hear the reality of how young people are impacted by human rights violations, how they see their society, where it is going, what role they see for themselves, and their vision for the present and future. It is thus important to provide young people with opportunities to take an active part in learning from and acknowledging the past.

The Voices of Memory workshops seek to connect the past to the present, in an attempt to form attitudes and knowledge that may strengthen the foundations for a future of lasting peace and democracy. Overall, the aim of this project is to help build a sense of responsibility and awareness that will lead our society into a healthier future. 

The project reunited 250 young participants from 10 different marginalized areas around Tunis the capital where they were able to attend and actively take part in these workshops thanks to the collaboration with municipalities, youth centers, and local youth organizations such as JCI[2] Ariana, JCI Lac, and Scouts Tunisia.

The VoM workshops proved their effective capacity to unify the participants despite their different social, educational, and ideological backgrounds and to offer them a peaceful sphere to express their views and foster their creativity. 90% of the participants expressed that the workshops were an enriching and unique learning experience. Therefore, a step further was made upon that to share this work with the wide public in an art exhibition entitled “Who Am I?” The title symbolized the state of confusion that many young people are going through in the midst of the political and social transition.