Salt Journal short description

The International center for transitional Justice – ICTJ is honored to share you the book “The Salt Journal”, Tunisian writings on the experience of political imprisonment, edited by Mrs. Haifa Zangana.

This book was done as part of “the Voices of Memory” Project with the support of the International Center for Transitional Justice and the University of Birmingham and thanks to the participation of 17 women, of all age groups, direct and indirect victims and who took active part in writing workshops led by ICTJ, the University of Birmingham and Mrs. Haifa Zangana during two years.

“On the one hand, the book is a simple step for the continuity of the International center for Transitional Justice’s work, which is part of the overall project. On the second hand, it is an attempt to encourage women, in general, to share their painful experiences, but in an artistic way that brings them closer and connects them with the audience.”

-Writer Haifa Zankana

“We wanted to leave a mark for future generations so that the forms of violations committed in the past will not be repeated. These generations must recognize the violations that have taken place before. I want to offer this book to my children so they understand what I have been through in their childhood.”

-Awatef Mezghani